Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Explore Your Creativity!

When I started blogging in 2008, I also started to explore my creativity. For some time the urge to create something had become stronger and when I discovered all the creative blogs this felt like a revelation! There were so many people out there sharing their drawings, needlework, patchwork, collages etc. and I felt sooo inspired.  I had always loved photography and making collages but I had never dared to really choose art or design as my profession or even considered it a real hobby.

I had never been encouraged or even encouraged myself to pursue my creative dreams and so they had been sleeping for some years. Once I gave myself permission to create I started with making textile collages for kids because I had two little kids and that seemed to be something easy to make. Slowly I moved on, making photos, blogging, buying a better camera, learning to work with photoshop and taking some e-courses that motivated me a lot. Finally, some years later, I had become an artist  and selling my photography and working in a studio with a group of creative people!

This was and is wonderful, but I still wanted to grow and to make real mixed media photographies using my photos and working on them with all kinds of techniques (I wanted to get my hands dirty with paint!!!). So this year I opened my heart, chose another very good e-course and actually started making mixed media works! The one you see above is the first one were I use my photography and acrylic colours and it's the first one that feels like I'm moving into the right direction. I'm enjoying this process of expanding my wings, moving on despite my fear and inner critics because I simply have to do it!

As I'm slowly moving on and sharing my story, I want to encourage you to do the same! 

Explore your creative dreams! Give them space and time to grow - slowly or fast but persistently!