Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Creating Atmosphere with Textures

With the help of textures the atmosphere of a photo can be completely changed and I like to use this effect a lot! Today I want to show you the transformation of one of my new photos which I have made last week in Zurich.

First I used a texture by les brumes (she is an artist who creates the most beautiful textures - I love all of them) and then I added a more experimental one I had made myself. There were many road works going on in the area where I lived in Zurich which was a bit annoying but I really liked the texture of one of the construction site containers. I took some quick snapshots and when I was working on the photo with the swans some days later this texture with the yellow borders suddenly came to my mind.

Interesting surfaces are really everywhere and perhaps you will also like to use them as beautiful textures for your photopraphy!

Some days ago I took a lot of photos of the old working table which is standing in the siebenmachen shop and studio. It is covered with stains of paint, coffee mugs and there is even some nail polish ;-) Perhaps one of these new textures will be used in one of my next photos very soon...

Inspiration is everywhere!