Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Sewing Silk Stories

Did I tell you how I got all the wonderful sewing threads you can see from time to time in my photography? I found them when the premises of an old lady living in my neighborhood were getting cleared. It was sad to be there and witness it, but it was also like discovering a big treasure box. There were a million things gathered together that were telling stories of an interesting and long life. The old lady had been a collector (and also a seller) of beautiful fabrics (many with hand stitched motifs coming from the Netherlands), clothes (for babies and for adults) and all kind of pretty wares. But the thing that really made my heart leap for joy and emotion was a simple big plastic bag!

It was filled with the most beautifully colour coordinated sewing silk! The old lady had found the perfectly matching ones: Each little package was a treasure in itself and such a big yet simple source of inspiration.

I love to take some of these reels of sewing silk out of the bag, put them in a jar and of course I love to take photos of them! They are filled with the old lady's love, passion and patience who I have never met but who I still think of and honor simply by looking and treasuring her colour coordinated little packages of sewing silk.

Do you also have a simple yet precious treasure you really love?