Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

Romantic Flowers

Today my hubby went to a local farmers market early in the morning although it was a really rainy and cold morning. When he returned for breakfast with lots of delicious and very fresh products, he also had this so incredibly beautiful floral bouquet in his arms. What a wonderful and romantic surprise on such a cold and rainy Autumn morning :-)

I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

Weaving my realities

These days I feel like a spider slowly weaving its web.

Yes, I'm finally creating my own web turning my dreams into my realities. During the last few weeks I made so many new and interesting connections with other creative people. It was so natural and easy, I think I was ready to meet them.

And I even found a place to make, show and sell my art together with a group of artists so very close to the place I live. It all feels so good and I try to accept to be scared sometimes because of all the new possibilities and to still hear from time to time my inner critical voices asking me if I am really good enough for all this. But then I simply move on, making my web bigger and bigger, slowly or a little faster, but always at my own pace. 

Stephanie Levy's wonderful e-course is also a good help (by the way I'm still looking for a good title for the picture above) during this process. I'm happy to have met her before here in Munich and now I'm really enjoying her lovely and genuine way to make us (a very international group of women) find more and more our creative courage. Thank you Stephanie!