Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Take every chance!

Yes, at the moment I feel like I'm finally taking every chance and almost dropping every fear! I had some big chances and changes coming to me during the last months which needed a lot of courage! I was on TV for the first time in my life which really was a challenge because I'm quite shy (but I never wanted to say no to that opportunity because it felt right!), I was asked to participate in a book project (I will soon present this wonderful book here on my blog) and then I had the chance to open a new studio in a very beautiful quarter of Munich!

Certainly, the biggest chance and fear was to leave my wonderful siebenmachen group (but you can still find my work in their shop!) and start another beautiful project which had come to me when I was not really looking for such a big change! So suddenly there was a beautiful studio/shop in the heart of Munich for Anja Frida (a lovely colleague who is making beautiful jewellery) and me and it was simply impossible to say no to this opportunity!

Now we are in the middle of transforming our studio/shop into the space we have always dreamed of! Here is the vision board I made at the beginning of the year before I knew that this new place and cooperation was waiting for both of us:

You see, it's all already in there! This is truely amazing and so I continue to believe in the power of my visions and dreams! Let's see what will happen if I continue to take my chance and drop my fear...

PS.:  (a note for my local readers) Für alle Leser in und um München: Wenn du auch gerne unter meiner Anleitung dein persönliches Vision Board gestalten möchtest, dann schreibe an bea at demoi punkt de. Sobald das neue Atelier fertig eingerichtet ist, beginnen die neuen Inspirations- und Kreativkurse! Wenn du mir deine Mailadresse schreibst, informiere ich dich, wann es genau los geht!

PPS.: Hier ist die neue Adresse:

Frida's Schmuck


Demoiselle Libellule
  Kunst & Photographie

Herzogstraße 85
80796 München-Schwabing

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Morning Routines

Do you have a special morning routine? Something that you do every morning like a ritual to prepare you for the day?

For some weeks now I've been following a beautiful morning routine: when I get up in the morning I almost immediately grab my notebook and a pencil (which are always lying near my bed) and I'm writing three pages. Without thinking too much, I just empty my head of all the random thoughts that are coming into my mind. After that I feel much more clearer and ready for the tasks of the day.

Of course, these morning pages, as many of you know, are not my invention but part of the inspiring book: "The Artist's way" ("Der Weg des Künstlers") by Julia Cameron. I have read it some years ago and now I rediscovered it and felt ready to really integrate this morning routine into my life.

Especially when there are so many things going on in your life, it's really helping to get all sorts of thoughts written down in the morning. It clears your mind and makes you more open for your creativity. I try not to judge what I write. Sometimes I fill the pages with big letters, sometimes I write a lot with tiny, almost unreadable letters. I just write, three pages, that's all and then I start the day with a  a glass of warm water, a shower, and all the preparations I have to make for my family. As I'm always the first to get up in the morning (which is quite hard for me because I am absolutely NOT a morning person) the house is still quite and it's a perfect moment for writing my three pages in complete solitude and stillness.

If you want to learn more about the morning pages you can find a short video by Julia Cameron speaking about them here.

So, do you have any particular morning routines? Do you meditate, make sports or read your newspaper first thing in the morning? Share your morning routine with me!

PS.: It's not my handwriting you can see in the photo but that of my French grand-father. He was a gourmet and collected interesting recipes in a notebook. I loved to use his handwriting for illustrating the morning pages (which could possibly be filled with recipes if that was the thing you had on your mind while writing them ;-).

Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Demoiselle Libellule featured on Servus TV!

Yesterday, I was on TV! This had really been a very special experience! Half a day long I had been filmed by a professional and very nice film team and now you can see the result over here on Servus TV! The part about my "nostalgic photography" starts after minute 13!